Across the Bay

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Lebanon Election Analysis

Here's my latest piece on the election and post-election situation. See also Michael Young's column yesterday, as well as Emile Hokayem's editorial.

Arabic readers might want to check out the following op-ed by Elie Fawaz. Ziad Majed also draws some conclusions from the election result. Also, see this very sharp piece by Hazem Saghieh on the Aoun-Hezbollah alliance.

Finally, I'll be coming back to address the latest brazen nonsense being peddled by the March 8 crowd and their Syrian chums, about them winning the "popular majority." Stay tuned.

Update: A quick follow-up to something I wrote in my piece. I noted that "Already, the Syrians are voicing their opposition to majority leader Saad Hariri becoming prime minister, unless he sanctions the 'resistance,' and thereby hands Syria and Hezbollah unilateral domination of the country's security and foreign policy."

On cue, here's Syria's Faysal Miqdad: "Syria’s relations with the next Lebanese government will be based on two key issues, he said, 'The first is the way this government deals with Syria and its view of Lebanese- Syrian relations. The second is the way it deals with Hezbollah’s arms, which Syria sees as a necessity to Lebanon in the face of the Israeli occupation.'"