Across the Bay

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tonight's "Sami" Award Winner

We have a doozie tonight. A well-deserved "Sami" goes to Claude Salhani for this bit of sheer brilliance:

Much of Syria's influence today lies in its alliance with Tehran. But as her advisers will no doubt tell Mrs. Clinton, the Syrian-Iranian marriage is one purely of convenience not of love. It was an alliance brought about as a result of the former U.S. administration's policy of isolating Damascus, which gave Syrian President Bashar Assad little choice.

I wonder if Mr. Salhani is familiar with the term "oxymoron." Apparently, the pull of blurting out shallow decades-old cliches, like "marriage of convenience," was too overpowering. So overwhelming, in fact, that Mr. Salhani forgot that the alliance is thirty years old. Ooops!

And it is precisely for this wonderful bit of pure comedy genius (in an op-ed packed with it from top to bottom) that Mr. Salhani is tonight's recipient of the prestigious "Sami."