Across the Bay

Friday, January 16, 2009

Syria and the Gaza Crisis

Here's my latest Policy Briefing on Syria's destructive role with Iran in the Gaza crisis.

More to come, including commentary on the Doha gathering and Assad's psychopathic speech there (and the important Lebanese rejection of the gathering's statement on withdrawing the Arab peace initiative).

Here's a sample of some of pearls of wisdom dispensed by Bashar, in a vintage Assad speech, glazed with his hallmark anti-Semitic touch:

"If the starting point of what we will decide today is based on our standing beside our people in Gaza in the face of the new Nazi Israeli Holocaust, in addition to our conviction in the justice of the Palestinian cause and the legal rights of the Palestinian people.. then this would not be complete without our understanding of the essence of the problem which resides not only in the occupation per se.. but in the nature and character of the enemy which we face, based on decades of various experiences with it which have vacillated between wars and failed peace attempts. This enemy which has built its existence on massacres.. and consolidated its continuity on violation and destruction.. and sketched out its future on mass extermination.. is an enemy that only speaks the language of blood.

And therefore, it only understands the language of blood. And the Arab blood that has been spilled since the establishment of Israel.. was for its [Israel's] owners the necessary fuel for their machine in the stages of the establishment of the pure Jewish state, which cannot be near, unless the process of displacing non-Jews from Palestine or exterminating what remains of them in it is completed.. Therefore, what is happening in Gaza is not just a reply to rockets.. If there were no rockets they would have created them and fired them in order to find a pretext.. Rather it is a link in a long chain that aims to attain the Palestine that they imagined or pretended to be a land without a people, after other states patriate them [the Palestinians] or by finding a substitute homeland for them.. Therefore, if we do not read the reasons well.. we would not be able to produce anything except lacking and temporary solutions, meaning ones that would quickly collapse."