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Monday, November 10, 2008

Terror 'n Nukes

The IAEA has found uranium traces at the Syrian al-Kibar site destroyed in 2007:

A senior Western diplomat said that the inspectors' investigation was only partly based on the analysis of soil samples taken at al-Kibar. In addition, the IAEA had also received additional intelligence that pointed to a possible involvement of North Korea in the alleged Syrian project.

Reuters adds:

Moreover, Syria has been made an official agenda item at the year-end November 27-28 meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency's board of governors, unlike previously when IAEA officials said initial inquiries were inconclusive.
"The agency clearly thinks it has something significant enough to report to put Syria on the (nuclear safeguards) agenda right after North Korea and Iran," said a senior diplomat with ties to the Vienna-based UN watchdog.
Diplomats close to the IAEA say Syria has ignored agency requests to check three military installations that may have harbored materials connected to the alleged reactor site.

This is on top of aiding and abetting al-Qaeda and directing it against US troops, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, hosting Imad Mughniyeh, arming Hezbollah and a host of Palestinian terror groups, ordering the assassination of people in Lebanon and such. And you still don't understand just how much the peace-loving Assad wants to "realign" with the West!?

Addendum: Noah Pollak weighs in on this over at contentions.

Noah brings up Sy Hersh. It's an interesting coincidence given how the Syrian regime is reportedly once again using Sy Hersh for info ops (as they did in 2007). The regime pitbull/comedian otherwise known as Sami Moubayed recently brought up Hersh (as he did back in 2007 as per the information warfare the regime was launching against Lebanon at the time) to at once lend credence to the elaborate theatrics the regime was putting on display with regards to the recent bombing in Damascus and the supposed "confessions" of (who else?) the "Fateh Islam" cell (who laughably repeated what Rami Makhlouf's al-Watan printed right before the explosion!), and also to set the stage for an alleged upcoming piece by Hersh which will in all likelihood repeat the same regime disinformation which was fed to him by the regime in 2007 and which was then used as cover for the Syrian-sponsored operation in Nahr al-Bared, and which is now being peddled in Rami Makhlouf's paper and by the regime's little comical poodle, Moubayed.

I'll have more on this latest regime ploy in the next few days.

Update: Hussain Abdul-Hussain is on the Sy Hersh hype over at NOW Lebanon.