Across the Bay

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hezbollah's "Pure" Money

Nasrallah wasn't joking when, back in 2006, he spoke of the party's access to "pure" money. Pure Colombian cocaine, that is (LAT report, here):

Reuters on Tuesday also reported Colombian authorities as saying they “broke up a drug and money-laundering ring in an international operation that included the capture of three people suspected of shipping funds to Hezbollah guerrillas.”

Three of those arrested were suspected of coordinating the smuggling to send profits to Hezbollah, among other groups, according to the officials.

So much for lack of "global reach" (on Hezbollah's South American operations, see here, and for a background report from June, see here) and the "purity" of Hezbollah's "incorruptible" image, and the "social services network," and its "evolution" to a "political party" and "nationalist insurgency group" and other such brain-numbing, idiotic, pseudo-intellectual diarrhea.

Another entry in the illustrious encyclopedia of cliches on Hezbollah is shown to be the utter trash it always was -- not that it ever stopped the "experts" from regurgitating the party line in full.

Unless you read this blog. Then you'd know better.