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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The mendacious court jester over at Tishreen Comment is doing what he does best: lie, lie, then lie some more. The latest blatant lie involves this regime poodle's spin campaign targeting Gen. Petraeus and the Syrian sponsorship of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In a post yesterday, the Oklahoma Tishreen wrote the following:

This hack is claiming that Gen. Petraeus said that it was the Syrians who were responsible for the reduction in the infiltration of foreign fighters from Syria into Iraq. To that effect, the actual text of the LAT report was intentionally distorted by inserting an edit -- [Syrian] -- that was not in the original.

It was nothing but a straight-out brazen lie. Here's what the original actually says:

Military units in Iraq have focused on shutting down the "rat lines" that shuttled militants from the Syrian border to the city of Ramadi and on to Baghdad.

This month Gen. David H. Petraeus, the former top commander in Iraq, said those efforts had helped cut the number of foreign fighters crossing the Syrian border from about 100 to 20 a month. But he made it clear that more needed to be done.

Very clearly, Gen. Petraeus made no positive reference whatsoever to the Syrians in any way, shape or form. Clearly, "those efforts" refer to the "[m]ilitary units in Iraq" (emphasis mine). For more Gen. Petraeus on Syria, see this post of mine from September of 2007.

In fact, reading what Maj. Gen. John Kelly, Commander of the Multinational Force-West, said a few days ago (H/T Bill Roggio), you'd know that the US military holds a very different view on Syria's behavior (emphasis mine):

The Syrian side is, I guess, uncontrolled by their side. We still have a certain level of foreign fighter movement, not much, through Anbar because of our activities out there, with the police and with the Iraqi army and with the Iraqi border forces, so less and less of that kind of thing coming through.

But we do know that there are operatives that live, we believe, certainly -- let me say, the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi intelligence forces feel that al Qaeda operatives and others operate, live pretty openly on the Syrian side. And periodically we know that they try to come across.

This [regime clown's] astounding dishonesty, blatant lying and shameless shilling on behalf of the al-Qaeda-sponsoring regime in Syria never cease to amaze. As for the rest of his, uh, "analysis," it just highlights how much of a clueless propagandist [bozo] this guy is. I don't know about you, but I don't know many tactical commanders that take orders from the Office of the Vice President over the head of their theater commander. What a total wingnut.

It's just his job, five days a week. A bracket man, a bracket man... Bracket man burning out his fuse out here alone...