Across the Bay

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boss! The Planes, The Planes!

As you know, per the wisdom of regime hacks, Syria "analysts" and their fellow travelers, US sanctions on Syria are "meaningless" and merely "symbolic." And so, we're told, the US should really do itself a favor and lift these sham measures already!

As such, it has been purely "symbolic" that the Syrian regime essentially no longer has an operating airline fleet (Boeing is an American company, after all). And that's why it was purely "symbolic" when it was frantically declaring in the media (as Bashar himself did during his visit to France, and was followed by Dardari) that, as a result of the pathetic French opening, Airbus was going to sell and/or lease it new planes.

The Airbus deal was very clearly a high priority for the regime (one apparatchik put it on a par with signing the EU association agreement in terms of priorities). Regime hired pens, like the King of Comedy, regime clown Sami Moubayed, pompously declared that the purchase would be "in defiance of the Syria Accountability Act" (which he elsewhere called a "crippling reality" -- in a "meaningless, symbolic" way of course)! Of course, since Airbus planes contain more than a "symbolic" 10% American component, the "symbolic" sanctions "symbolically" terminated any such deal. EADS, Airbus' parent, is now even denying any talks are taking place with the Syrians on any deal. And while we're at it, the EU Association Agreement is not any closer to being signed this year either. Just ask Javier Solana.

Moreover, in an act of absolute "symbolism," news from Europe has it that Syrian Air sent an Airbus engine to Lufthansa in Germany for refurbishing and now can't get it back because the Germans, "symbolically," won't re-export.

The Syrian Air-Airbus wild speculation fest continues, and the Syrians have since adjusted their prospective dates of when they will supposedly get the Airbus planes to Spring 2009, (wink wink, when, in the Syrian narrative, an engaging Obama will come to the rescue and lift all sanctions, humbly apologizes, and accepts the generous Syrian offer of an "honorable defeat" and asks for forgiveness on both knees) but nothing, either concrete or "symbolic," has (or, I suspect, will anytime soon) come of it.

PS: I recently touched on the issue of the sanctions, and how they shouldn't be lifted unconditionally, as per the advice offered by the engagementitis-fever "experts" who cluelessly counsel unconditional engagement while simultaneously having the audacity to pose as "realists."