Across the Bay

Friday, August 29, 2008

Yet Another Message to the Army

An excellent editorial from NOW Lebanon on Hezbollah's latest murderous attack against the Lebanese army.

At best, Hezbollah must accept the fact that, either its fighters are incompetent, or, if was another group, that its influence in the South is not as far reaching as they claim. At worst, it was a deliberate act, one designed to send a message to the army on the eve of the cabinet meeting. Hardly the actions of a super-patriotic organization that wants to coordinate defense issues with the same army. But then again, we have known since early May where Hezbollah’s true allegiances lie, and if it were the latter, the implications of the act are almost too disturbing to dwell on.

It also no coincidence – for there are none in Lebanese politics – that the incident came amid an atmosphere of US and Arab eagerness to support and assist the Lebanese army, such as was expressed by the recent visits of the Egyptian foreign minister and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and the Near East David Hale, who’s visit with the Department of Defense’s delegation was aimed at providing the Lebanese army with aid. Naturally, this support is not welcome by those who are working to weaken state institutions, including the army. But then again, the battle today appears to be between two schools: One aimed at building strong state institutions and another that wants to pervert the same institutions into tools working for political agendas.

Read it all. More to come.