Across the Bay

Monday, July 21, 2008

Obscenity Incarnate

The Syrian regime's favorite American flack, the hackademic in Oklahoma, has managed to outdo himself today by claiming that the Lebanese "welcomed Hizbullah's move" in May.

What's meant by Hezbollah's move, of course, is the attack by the Hezbollah thugs and other pitbulls loyal to the same killers that hackademic shills for, against civilian neighborhoods, when these terrorists shot and killed civilians in their homes, attacked the office of the Sunni Mufti in Beirut, then attacked the home and office of the Shiite Mufti Ali al-Amin (who is anti-Hezbollah), then tried to attack Druze villages (and failed miserably), and kidnapped and killed innocent civilians (including a certain Mrs. Tabbara and her son, whose "crime" was that they were Sunnis in Beirut), then moved into all media offices in Beirut that were not controlled and financed by Hezbollah and its patrons, ransacked them, looted them, and burned them, forcing them off the air. When the Saudi Al-Arabiya channel was showing "inconvenient" footage, such as this one (naturally "welcomed" by the Lebanese), Hezbollah cut off its transmission in areas under its control. I think talk show host Sahar Khatib perhaps best exemplified just how much the Lebanese "welcomed" Hezbollah's "move" (watch it even if you don't understand Arabic. You won't need language skills to fathom the Lebanese "welcome").

They then did the same to political offices of opposing political parties. They also made sure to tear down and burn pictures of the late Rafik Hariri, and hung the pictures of the killer who ordered his assassination, Bashar Assad. Then, these thugs continued "patrolling" the "conquered" civilian quarters in Beirut, where they had lists of names of rival party members, who were rounded and roughed up. They also entered and ransacked the houses of certain Sunni Members of Parliament and political commentators. Then Hezbollah's and Assad's Alawite proxies in Tripoli -- who have been armed and trained by Syria and Hezbollah -- moved this "welcome" behavior to the North, resulting in a number of innocent deaths and property damage. And perhaps, the most "welcome move" was when one of these terrorists attacked a funeral procession of a young man they had murdered in Beirut, and shot at the mourners, killing a number of them in cold blood.

And this regime lapdog has the nerve to say that the Lebanese "welcomed" this. His obscenity is overshadowed only by his incredible cluelessness (and that's being kind, because this propagandist is notorious for lying as easily as he breathes) about the mood in Lebanon, and how the Lebanese communities outside Hezbollah's control are just seething with fury over the unspeakable criminality inflicted upon them by these terrorists, raising the prospects of civil war, with communal coexistence fractured, perhaps irreparably.

But to this tool, thuggery, violence and terrorism against civilians are to be applauded and "praised" for the "restraint" that was displayed! Incredibly, he actually has the nerve to say that had March 14 signed a deal a year earlier (you know, when the International Tribunal was not yet ratified by the cabinet and established under Chapter VII -- which is precisely why the first thing he and his fellow regime talking points regurgitator, Sami Moubayed, said about the Doha Accord, was that the veto power would now, in their delusional mind of course, eliminate the tribunal), they could've avoided "loss of life and a terrible economic price." In other words, what he is admitting to is the Syrian regime's responsibility for the brutal campaign of assassination and violence in Lebanon. That this intellectual brute embraces and advocates this mob logic -- this terrorism -- is telling, if not surprising, as this is what he's been doing for the last three years: advocating and justifying murder, terrorism, thuggery and blackmail, not just against Lebanon but against the US and US allies as well.

In the end one must conjure up Michael Young's unforgettable line about how "even the tedious functionaries of despotisms end up sounding like the thugs they represent." But, honestly, can one expect anything more from the person who slandered an imprisoned dissident as part of a regime campaign? And this guy teaches at an American college.