Across the Bay

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Terrorists and the Free Media

Over at Beirut Spring Mustapha has launched a campaign in defense of free speech in Lebanon.

Aside from assaulting the Hariri Foundation -- a foundation that has paid for the education of thousands upon thousands of Lebanese college students -- Hezbollah and its goons have focused their venom, hatred and destruction on the media.

The very first thing they attacked, burned and destroyed were newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations that support March 14th political line.

What is noteworthy is how they've shown themselves to be true kindred spirits with their murderous terrorist friends in Damascus. Their first target is the same: the free media.

While the killers in Syria first went after An-Nahar (Kassir and Tueini) and LBC (May Chidiac) and constantly threatened several others including Al-Mustaqbal's Fares Khashan, not to mention insisting in all the "initiatives" in 2005-2006 that the Lebanese media must be silenced, Hezbollah followed suite by first targeting Al-Mustaqbal TV and paper, Ash-Sharq, Al-Liwa', Sevan Radio, Ash-Shiraa' magazine, and the March 14 news website.

How apt was it then for the Hezbollah thugs to erect the photo of the chief-murderer in Damascus on the ruins of the media offices they ransacked.

That's where his photo belongs: amidst piles of trash and rubble. That's all he and his allies represent: murder, destruction, tyranny, thuggery, obscurantism and terrorism.

The true mark of totalitarian terrorist thugs, whose enemy is one and the same: liberty and pluralism in all their forms.

Update: Hezbollah's thugs don't frighten the journalists and reporters. This is from the NOW Lebanon website:

Journalists and media personnel have started gathering at the Bourj Al-Ghazal Tower in Tabaris to express their rejection of yesterday’s forced closure of media institutions by opposition factions.

Voice of Lebanon radio station: Groups of armed Hezbollah supporters are entering buildings in Beirut and taking down Future television’s transmission antennas.

Journalists and media personnel have reached the Future Channel building in Qontari after holding a march from the Bourj Al-Ghazali Tower in Tabaris in solidarity with Future media employees, who were routed out of their offices and harassed by opposition members.

Future News Channel staff have entered their offices in Qontari to continue work despite receiving threats from the opposition.