Across the Bay

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Treasury Designates Members of Abu Ghadiyah's Network

This is what we mean when we Syria is Terror Central.

The ties of the regime to al-Qaeda in Iraq need no introduction, which is why Treasury has come out with another designation:

"Since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, Syria has become a transit station for al Qaida foreign terrorists on their way to Iraq," said Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. "Abu Ghadiyah and his network go to great lengths to facilitate the flow through Syria of money, weapons, and terrorists intent on killing U.S. and Coalition forces and innocent Iraqis."

The Syrian regime harbors every possible variety of terrorists. It wasn't just the late Imad Mughniyeh, but also al-Qaeda. So much for the pathetically idiotic canard repeated by so-called "experts" that the "secular" regime in Syria "cannot" work with Islamists.

We have heard for some time now how Washington must engage Damascus, or to use the operative diplomatic cliche, that you talk to your enemies, not your friends. Now that it is clear as day that the Assad regime sponsors Shi'a and Sunni terror outfits, targeting US troops and US allies throughout the region, does anyone really believe that Syria wants "good relations" with the US?