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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Canard about Syria's Role in Mughniyeh's Killing

In my post yesterday I addressed the notion that the Mughniyeh assassination somehow speaks of a "deal" between the US and Syria. Sure enough, this nonsense has now become a staple of virtually every media report.

The notion was again raised by Jon Alterman (with some back up from Exum) in response to David Schenker's posting on the Mughniyeh assassination.

I was going to address it myself (again) but I see that Schenker, Lee Smith and Michael Young have pretty much covered all the bases. (Makes you wonder whatever happened to the favorite Bashar line -- often repeated by flacks and engagers alike -- that Syria was not a charity!)

Just goes to show how deep and widespread the faulty premises and thinking about the Syrian regime really are, and it explains why "engagement" with Syria has always failed without exception.

Update: Barry Rubin also weighs in.