Across the Bay

Friday, January 25, 2008

An Unsubtle Hint from Abul Gheit

What more is there to say about yet another Syrian murder of a Lebanese figure? How obvious are the means, motives, target selections, political geography, and aims?

As such, how much clearer can Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abul Gheit get:

"Those who think that assassinations may force a settlement of the current crisis to their advantage are mistaken."

Should he spell it out? Actually, yes, perhaps he, and the rest of the world, should do just that.

Indeed, Abul Gheit's statement is in line with the motive and political context established by the UN investigative commission for the Hariri murder and all the other related assassinations. As with Abul Gheit's unsubtle hint, that points the finger squarely and exclusively at Syria. It's time to name names.

Addendum: Walid Jumblat had very similar comments.