Across the Bay

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Making of a Footnote

A very good editorial in NOW Lebanon on the Aounists.

The bit about Murr should perhaps be read in tandem with this news item.

Considering that it was Murr who managed to hand Aoun the narrowest possible (418 votes) victory in the Metn by-elections -- where 60% of the Maronites voted against Aoun -- this is worth keeping an eye on, as the editorial suggests.

The bit about Gebran Basil is priceless. One wonders if among the Aounists (not including Aoun himself of course) he really is the worst, which is saying something. It's unclear cause the crew is so awful overall. But Basil must take the cake because it is his geniuszzz that negotiated the MoU with Hezbollah, otherwise known as Toilet Paper.

A more thorough commentary about the latest developments should be up shortly. I've been sick... again.

Update: A powerful piece on Aoun by Michael Young.