Across the Bay

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So Much for Originality!

Just when I thought I was being original in my analysis, having spent a good hour typing it up, I open Thursday's issue of The Daily Star to find that Michael Young has beat me to it:

One of the things most disturbing to the Syrians about the decision of the March 14 coalition to support army commander Michel Suleiman was that this was apparently preceded by commitments on both sides. One such commitment appeared to have been agreement on a new army commander, or a list of potential army commanders. Hajj, despite the opposition's effort to paint his killing as a blow against Michel Aoun, was actually Suleiman's man and was reportedly one of those on the list.

The message, therefore, was that for Suleiman to become president, he has to, first, renounce all previous commitments reached with March 14 and enter into new arrangements with the "true force on the ground."
Their treatment of Suleiman in particular reveals that they don't quite trust the Lebanese Army, and that they certainly don't want a new army commander who might reverse pervasive Syrian infiltration of the senior officer corps.

So much for my originality! I console myself with the self-flattering belief that our minds think alike!

Make sure to read Michael's piece in full. It's excellent as always.