Across the Bay

Monday, December 31, 2007

Off the Reservation

And so we close the year 2007 with the same lesson we learn every year: Engaging Syria never works... ever. Engage Syria only if you wish to make a complete fool of yourself.

Speaking of which, let's check in on our final exhibit of 2007: Senator Arlen Specter.

Of course, given Specter's fondness for engaging Syria, he's no stranger to badly embarrassing himself... over and over again. Not that that has ever deterred him.

But yesterday was extra special. After meeting with the murdering terrorists in Damascus, Specter declared that Walid Moallem showed him a document that the Syrians jointly achieved with the French that was sufficient to hold the election in Lebanon.

Right. We've all heard about this infamous document. And how what Moallem claims it contains has already been denied by the French and the Lebanese parliamentary majority. We all, that is, except Specter and his staff, who insist on always being as clueless as possible before going to "engage" Assad, just so that they can appear that much sillier every time.

This time it was extra sweet. For as this sad Specter spectacle was taking place, the French President (himself having been embarrassed beyond words by the Syrian thugs) was making his statement in Cairo that he is halting all talks with the Syrians because they haven't kept a single promise (like that's news. This is Bashar's entire record.).

Just goes to show you. The hapless senator was bamboozled -- apparently hardly a difficult undertaking -- and the Syrians got him to make a false declaration on their behalf exactly as the French were terminating all contacts with Damascus! Just priceless! There is no better example of what engaging Syria is all about. That's it right here: clueless diplomat-wannabe gets fed something by the regime during talks. He/she regurgitates it to the press without any understanding of what it is. He/she either does damage, or, if we're lucky, just makes a fool of him/herself.

Now what do you think this says about the other grand assertions made by Specter, about how he saw a "real opportunity" (I'm bummed out he didn't use the preferred cliche, "window of opportunity") for peace between Syria and Israel? He was "convinced" of it. Just like that document Moallem showed him.

It certainly is not the first time people started "seeing" things after speaking to the terrorists in Damascus. It's a chronic disease. It sometimes goes away after you munch on your foot with a bit of Sprite. But Specter just can't seem to kick it.