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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Guardian of Crock

Check out the following jaw-dropping example of idiocy, ignorance and bias in this dispatch in the Guardian. Marvel at this remarkable pile of horse manure:

Hizbollah and the opposition have been demanding at least 11 ministries to exercise a veto to prevent any disarming of Hizbollah's military wing at the request of America and Israel.

Perhaps the stellar reporters of the Guardian have been absent the last three years, and so have not heard of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls for the disarmament of all armed groups in the country, as well as UNSCR 1701, which recalls 1559.

The shoddiness of the Guardian's reporters doesn't end there. Witness this beauty:

The situation has been exacerbated by the attitude of MP Saad Hariri - son of the former Prime Minister, Rafik Harriri, who was widely considered to have been slain by Syrian agents in early 2005 - who has been leading the ruling coalition. He has surprised even some of his own supporters with his belligerence towards compromise, a position some of his allies believe stems from the US and French government positions.

What unbelievable crock. In the Guardian's view, if -- even after the majority already conceded its candidates and backed down from rejecting a constitutional amendment -- Hariri doesn't agree to the so-called "opposition" blackmail by insisting on a vacuum unless it gets, in blatant violation of the constitution and the parliamentary democratic process, veto power, ability to name the next Prime Minister, the next Army Commander and the security chiefs, the make-up of the cabinet and the cabinet's policy statement, among other demands (otherwise known to normal people as extortion), then Hariri is just not compromising! The Guardian apparently confuses compromise with capitulation to thuggery and blackmail.

What outrageous nonsense. Then they quote someone they dub a "political veteran" as telling them that the French and the US are intent on keeping Hezbollah out of government. The slapdash reporters quote this utter garbage without any balancing statement or commentary.

Anyone who has read anything, not to mention done some actual reporting, for the last two months, knows that this is baloney. The majority have openly said that they have agreed to the principle of forming a "national unity" government -- euphemism for a government that represents the major groups in the so-called "opposition": Hezbollah, Amal and Aoun.

The real issue is that Hezbollah wants to prevent the president and the parliamentary majority from exercising their rights, as stipulated in the constitution, to hold consultations, after the presidential election, to proceed on the formation of the cabinet, the allotment of seats therein, naming the premier, and then the policy statement, all of which will be then put to parliament for a vote of confidence before the term begins.

That's usually called the democratic parliamentary practice. In la-la land, where the Guardian's ridiculously clueless reporters live, it's called "belligerence towards compromise." And it doesn't even end there. The "veteran" these reporters quote completely uncritically is quoted as saying that part of the problem is that Hariri "still wants revenge for his father." The pathetic reporters then frame this quote by following it with a quote by Hariri, completely out of context, attacking Syrian sabotage and interference in Lebanon -- the context of which was a response to outrageous comments by Syrian Foreign Minister Moallem and Vice President Sharaa, neither of which get a single mention in this piece of trash report. Doing so indicates a reaffirmation of the preceding quote by the ridiculous anonymous "veteran" they spoke to. What reprehensible, dihonest garbage.

Hariri is trashed by the Guardian for supporting international law and a Chapter 7 United Nations resolution demanding the establishment of a tribunal to try the assassins -- the Syrian regime -- for their murders in Lebanon, which, by the way, never once get mentioned in the entire report.

Apparently, in the looney world of Prothero and Beaumont, there are no UNSC resolutions relating to Lebanon! There's the evil dictates of Israel and America and the "belligerence" and "vengefulness" of Hariri!

What utter trash.