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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Aoun Reaps the Fruit of his Deal with the Devil

I think this line in NOW Lebanon's most recent editorial nails what's going on with Aoun:

Aoun has clearly realized that the Memorandum of Understanding was a grave mistake. However, it appears that the threat of assassination will be able to keep him from jumping ship and making a deal with March 14.

It was clear that Aoun was being directly threatened by Hezbollah and Syria. This is why he had to escape to Paris for the unannounced meeting with Hariri. He had had to cancel previous announced meetings in Lebanon with Jumblat and Hariri, and made a bit of a fiasco of the meeting with the Patriarch, when the Syrians made sure to send Suleiman Frangieh with him as his minder.

A few days ago, Michel Murr very publicly made that threat on LBC, when he signaled to Aoun that he should not think about going down with his bloc to Parliament, as per the Patriarch's urging. He was soon followed by that Syrian pitbull Wi'am Wahhab when Aoun went to meet with Hariri. Wahhab told Aoun that he "does not have the right to withdraw his candidacy on his own"! That marginal pitbull and tool of the Syrians warned Aoun about what he "had the right" to do or not!

But the case of Michel Murr is rather indicative of the slide of Michel Aoun after he made that deal with the devil. In 2005, he basically hid under Aoun's coat, who was then riding high, until the 2007 Metn by-election, after which Murr finally kicked the hapless General aside, once his weakness was exposed along with his indebtedness to Murr's votes for him to win that seat by a slim 418 votes. Murr has been actively trying to get Michel Suleiman, not Michel Aoun, to the presidency.

Overall, this is the old Syrian modus operandi of never allowing the Sunni and Maronite leaderships to come to agreements -- which is why March 14 was a historic moment. Figures like Mufti Hassan Khaled were killed by the Syrians for that reason. Aoun is now a prisoner of it -- a result of his breathtaking political idiocy.

This, dear readers, is the Assad way, which is why I always say that the Syrian regime's "policy" is nothing more than terrorism. This should serve as a note to the brilliant "engagers."