Across the Bay

Thursday, September 20, 2007

NYT Conveying Syrian Threats

Once again Hassan Fattah serves as a water carrier for the murderers in Damascus, conveying their threats to the Lebanese people, as well as to the international community, a day after the Syrian killers assassinated yet another March 14 MP:

Mahdi Dakhalallah, Syria’s former information minister, said in a telephone interview, “This could be destabilizing for Lebanon, Syria and the whole region.” He added, “I hope this event will be more reason for Lebanese to go and vote to elect a new president for national unity.” (Emphasis mine.)

Capisce? Unless the president we dictate comes to power, and does what we want, this will continue.

Now, we know that this is the nature of the terrorist murderers in Damascus. The question is, why is the New York Times acting as an outlet for their threats?

Addendum: Michael Young explains what "president for national unity" really means. Dakhlallah's statement (and other similar ones by other Syrian functionaries in the last couple of days, including in the mouthpieces al-Watan and al-Thawra) supports Young's thesis that the Syrians in fact don't want a vacuum; they want an election on their terms that would bring about an outcome favorable to them. They can't afford a vacuum with the tribunal moving forward.