Across the Bay

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brazen Gangsterism

Kudos to The Boston Globe's editorial page for nailing what the terrorist gangsters in Damascus are, and formulating it perfectly right:

Gangsterism on this scale may sound too brazen to be believable, but those familiar with the ways of the Syrian regime know otherwise. Before being killed, Rafik Hariri told friends that Assad threatened him in person, warning that if Hariri did not do Syria's bidding, Assad would break Lebanon over his head. The point of such crude methods is to use fear and intimidation to magnify the power of the ruling clique in Damascus.

Syria expert Eyal Zisser, writing in Yisrael Ha-Yom the other day after Ghanem's assassination, also put it well: Syria is trying to make its way back into Lebanon "corpse by corpse."

In response, one of the Lebanese leaders on Syria's death list, Walid Jumblat, told the terrorist killers in Syria:

Whatever the capacity of the Syrian regime and its allies for sabotage and criminality, we will not bow down. We will go democratically, peacefully to the election and we will say yes to a sovereign, free, independent Lebanon, just like when all the people of Lebanon stood on March 14, 2005. But we will not bow down. They had better not, those in Damascus or their allies in Lebanon, they had better not think we will bow down. They will not be able, even if they killed more MPs, to break the will of a free and proud people to live or bring it to its knees. It's impossible for a people that wants to live in freedom to bow down.