Across the Bay

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Victory on the Path to Oblivion

For those wishing to follow up on my analysis of the Metn by-elections, please read Michael Young's excellent op-ed.

It's by far the best analysis out there, a refreshing read amidst a trash heap of poor journalism channeling Aounist populism or, worse still, Syrian regime commentary that show the Syrian regime's new-old plan: use the destructive useful idiot Aoun (and pathetic, ruinous fantasy of an "alliance of Alawites, Maronites and Shiites" against the Sunnis, which is said to be supported by Frangieh -- which in and of itself is telling), with his anti-Hariri and anti-Jumblat resentments to destroy the Christian-Druze-Sunni alliance opposed to Syrian hegemony over Lebanon and empower the fanatical totalitarian Syrian allies Hezbollah on top of a security structure dominated by Bashar's B-team counter-elite (which I have discussed extensively on this blog as Bashar's legacy) of Syrian agents (Wahhab, Qandil, Frangieh, Karami, et al.) and destroy all the international resolutions on Lebanon, starting with the tribunal, 1701 and 1559.

The Syrian terrorist policy hasn't and won't change. Its actions and its flacks make sure to confirm this on a daily basis.