Across the Bay

Monday, August 13, 2007

The NYT and Khamenei's Kayhan

Michael Rubin informs us that Hassan Fattah's propaganda pieces have been incorporated by the Iranian regime's propaganda outlet Kayhan. I had pointed out that they have also been hailed by the Syrian regime's court jester and English-language mouthpiece.

This is how Western journalists become third party validators for the information warfare of terrorist regimes and their media flacks. The most serious example is Sy Hersh who had an integral role in a terrorist campaign against Lebanon, and was fed disinformation by the Syrian regime's handlers (Michel Samaha, Imad Moustapha, Farid Abboud, Raja Sidawi, Rola Talj, and Fadi Agha, inter al.). The Syrian regime's officials (Buthaina Shaaban et al.), propaganda outlets (Cham Press, Syria News, et al.), and media flacks (Landis, Moubayed, Hamidi, et al.) all pushed his "report" extensively, and Cham Press ran items that quoted it, and were based around it, for the entirety of the first week of fighting in Nahr al-Bared in northern Lebanon.

In other words, Hersh was involved in Info Ops.