Across the Bay

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hersh and Information Warfare

To follow up on my recent comment about Hersh and Info Ops, Gabriel Schoenfeld echoed these remarks in a post in Commentary Magazine's blog yesterday (hat tip: American Thinker Blog):

Are we are dealing, in the case of Seymour Hersh, with an instance of asymmetrical information warfare?

Hersh’s charges raise another question seldom asked by his fellow national-security journalists in Washington: what are his sources? Or to put a follow-up question in a leading fashion, is Hersh a journalist or a propagandist or, as is becoming increasingly common in the American media, a hybrid of the two?

As I noted, Hersh's handlers and sources were all Syrian agents (one of them, Rola Talj, an associate of the former head of general security -- currently in custody for his role in the Hariri assassination -- was also the handler of another journalist who peddled the Syrian propaganda that it was the Saudis who were somehow behind Hariri's assassination). And indeed, Hersh was part of the information warfare of the terrorist Syrian regime.

This is a very serious issue that deserves closer attention.