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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hazem Saghieh on Aoun's Demagoguery

To follow up on two previous posts where I dealt with Aoun's "memorandum of understanding" with Hezbollah, I strongly recommend you read this piece by Hazem Saghieh today (Arabic original here). Al-Hayat's English translation is poor, and so if you can read the Arabic, do that instead.

The article warrants a second post that would discuss the crucial truths that Saghieh touches on regarding Aoun's anti-Sunni demagoguery, and I hope to do that soon enough.

Meanwhile, here's Saghieh's brief but biting commentary on the infamous "memorandum of understanding" (NB: Saghieh for a long time was ridiculing Aoun on an almost weekly basis for his idiotic "understanding," sarcastically referring to Aoun as the "understander."):

[T]he "understanding" with Hezbollah serves as "proof" of Aoun's [alleged] non-sectarianism only in as much as it serves as "proof" of Hezbollah's [alleged] non-sectarianism. For we are facing here two radical, antagonistic, and mutually negating outlooks. Two outlooks brought together only by delusion, on Aoun's part, and the plan of said Party. For is it conceivable for someone whose horizons are limited to a few villages in Mount Lebanon to control his "understanding" with a force that is part of a project extending from Gaza to Tehran, and whose "beating heart," as always, is Damascus?