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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's the Butters Show!

Andrew Lee Butters gives Hassan Fattah and Nada Bakri a run for their money in this spectacularly, yet somehow typically, asinine piece in Time magazine.

There have been some remarkably stupid comments made about the election, some of which I have chronicled here, and others, like "Gemayel was defeated by an unknown" line -- as though voters were voting for that unknown and his qualities vs. Gemayel's and not voting for Aoun who ran the campaign on behalf of the guy (who with maybe one exception never once made a media appearance)! Aoun was practically the candidate! He was doing the media appearances, the campaigning, everything. Voters who voted for him were voting for Aoun, not him, period. Just another example of how people writing this stuff understand absolutely nothing.

But Butters has another gem: "What could Lebanese Christians possibly have in common with Hizballah, the Islamist resistance movement? Perhaps it is the fact that Aoun's Christian supporters and Hizballah's rank and file are motivated by a shared animus towards Lebanon's political elite, a handful of families such as the Gemayel, whose progeny resurface in government after government."

Mmmm, yeeesss. So much does Aoun despise these "handful of families" that he ran in alliance with the Murr family, and relied on them to deliver him votes to barely edge out a win by 400 votes. Yes, so much does Aoun despise these political dynasties that he's in alliance with the grandson of the Frangieh family, and Arslan Jr., and Karami the 3rd. Mmmm, yeeesss.

In fact, that's why Aoun's own entourage is... his own family: his in-law (Gebran Basil), his nephew (Alain Aoun), and so on. Mmmm, yeeesss, Aoun and Hezbollah, the new Bolsheviks.

And yes, "Lebanese Christians" have so much in common with Hezbollah that the majority of Maronites in the Metn voted against Aoun, because of his understanding with Hezbollah, as Aoun practically admitted in his press conference yesterday when he said that apparently people don't understand the nature of the "understandings" the FPM is doing. Of course, the generalissimo knows best. Too bad a majority of the Metn Maronites didn't "get it" and don't possess generalissimo's infinite wisdom and magical capabilities to "Lebanonize" Hezbollah. They somehow, as per the general's intimation, believe it's a disastrous deal, and apparently, as per the numbers, voted accordingly.

These people crack me up. I will not even bother to inflict pain on you with the other laughable nonsense spewed in this ridiculous piece. Suffice it to say Butters got his very own episode!