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Monday, August 06, 2007

Dum-da-dum-dum-dum Dumb

The dumbest, most useless report on the elections, by far, and I mean miles and miles ahead, is Hassan Fattah's and Nada Bakri's in (surprise!) the New York Times.

This is a perfect example of total and absolute ignorance and lack of any understanding and knowledge about political history and reality in Lebanon. They haven't got a clue. Just a trendy shallow reading that follows the NYT's foreign policy editorial line, and a terribly unbalanced and biased reading, reporting only the FPM's ridiculous spin and propaganda.

The best line of them all, the geniuszz of the year award, has to be this gem from some "professor" in Lebanon. Listen to this idiocy: "If Gemayel loses it would mean an end to his political career and ambitions, and maybe an end to the political family itself," said Talal Atrissi, professor of political sociology at Lebanese University.

Yeah, just look at poor Gemayel! He's packing his bags and selling his ancestral house to write his memoirs! What hilarious nonsense. This is a man who has been forced into exile for 12 years, his followers harassed by the Syrians, his party split and stripped away from him, again by the Syrians. And all that didn't end his political career. He has recaptured and consolidated leadership of his party, and as evident in the numbers, increased the number of supporting votes from when his son ran in 2005.

But wait, was it this profoundly stupid line by Fattah and Bakri instead? "If Mr. Khoury is declared the winner, General Aoun’s own political prospects would be greatly enhanced and it would strengthen his drive to bring down the government."

Hold on, could it be this spectacularly moronic statement that goes against the plain reality of numbers on the ground? "The results were also a referendum on the March 14 Movement, which has increasingly alienated many Christians, some voters said Sunday. It furthermore underscored the gains General Aoun had made ever since he arrived from exile in France in 2005 with a populist message eschewing what he called Lebanon’s sectarian feudalism."

I mean, can you get any more ridiculous or wrong? If it was a referendum, it showed that March 14 got more not less Maronite support, as evident from any perusal of the numbers. Anyone versed in basic arithmetic could do the math and compare Aoun's support in 2005 in the Metn and his support now to see, quite clearly, that far from making "gains," he has lost support and has ruined any chance he may have had (and that would've been one cold day in hell) to become president!

As for that uncritical fawning comment on Aoun's "anti sectarian feudalism" drive, very obviously Bakri and Fattah either didn't bother to actually hear Aoun's rabid sectarian demagogy both in 2005 and in 2007, or are simply clueless as to what an alliance with the Murr family (not to mention Frangieh, Arslan, and Karami) does to the claim of being "anti-feudalist" and seeking to end "political dynasties."

So difficult to choose which is the dumbest.

Come on, sing along: dumb-da-dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb.

Update: I may have spoken too soon. There may yet be a dumber -- with a bonus of being more sinister, as always -- analysis, that manages to unoriginally clone the nonsense of the NYT's report with the usual added shot of Syrian regime talking points and sinister propaganda (i.e., a rather typical posting). Where else but over at Regime Comment?