Across the Bay

Monday, July 30, 2007

Minor Detail?

To follow up on my previous post. After Seniora's devastating response, Jumblat issued his own brutal demolition of Nasrallah's interview.

Here's one graph related to my previous post:

Is it a minor detail that he rejected the Armistice Agreement? ... Is it a minor detail that he offered this dubious, or rather conditional, recognition of the Taef Accord? Is it a minor detail that he glanced over the important segment in that Accord which talks about the Armistice Agreement [with Israel]? Is it also a minor detail when he says that the "blind international community," as he described it, was behind UNSCR 1701? Is this a first step towards completely reneging on this resolution and its content? For us, UNSCR 1701 is not a minor detail because this resolution along with the Armistice Agreement are enough to protect the country from entering into new murderous, destructive adventures.