Across the Bay

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Charles Hill on Lebanon

Charles Hill, the Chief Foreign Policy Advisor for the Rudy Giuliani campaign (which also features Martin Kramer as Senior Middle East Advisor), dicussed what the Giuliani foreign policy would look like in an audio interview with Ed Morrissey. It's excellent overall, and I was particularly gratified hearing Hill on Lebanon (right after talking about Iraq towards min 25). Here's what he said, in the context of talking about Iraq and US policy in the ME as a whole:

Lebanon is now in dire straits. This is something that is in our national security interest. In the first... it's a top drawer interest. Because if we don't see this through and win this, that whole region can come into the hands of terror using jihadis and turn the entire Middle East against the rest of the world order.

The whole interview is recommended listening. (Hat tip: Martin Kramer).