Across the Bay

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Willful Tool

Just to follow up on the brain-numbing topic of Sy Hersh. I had argued that one of Hersh's sources may have been Syrian ambassador Imad Moustapha. My argument has since been bolstered, unveiling a larger network of Syrian tools feeding Hersh his material.

Indeed, some of Hersh's sources have been exposed in Lebanese papers and media and they include a Syrian businessman by the name of Raja Sidawi. But the main minder, it seems, is an old reliable Syrian tool by the name of Michel Samaha, a Lebanese former minister and Syrian agent extraordinaire. It seems that he has been the major source feeding Hersh all this venomous nonsense (including, by the way, that stupid -- and as always, false -- story about Israelis and Kurds that Hersh made up in another piece). Another source is reportedly Farid Abboud, who is Imad Moustapha's personal poodle, and who, despite being relieved from his duty as ambassador to the US, still loiters around, at the behest of his boss Emile Lahoud (Syria's primo pitbull), only to sabotage the Lebanese government any chance he gets. This includes feeding lies to ignorant journalists.

There are others as well, including people close to Jamil al-Sayyed, the former Syrian-handpicked security chief in Lebanon who is now in jail awaiting trial for his role in helping the Syrians in the murder of Rafik Hariri. Sayyed's entourage and lawyer have also been busy putting garbage out in asinine sympathetic publications like Le Monde Diplomatique. That garbage is basically repeating the Syrian regime's orchestrated slander against the former UN investigator Detlev Mehlis as well as against the tribunal (too bad it was all for naught as the tribunal was passed under Chapter VII at the UNSC).

This same slanderous attack against Mehlis and the UNIIIC was irresponsibly picked up in one of the reports by the International Crisis Group, whose luminaries Peter Harling and Gareth Evans also regurgitated the regime's line regarding the tribunal on separate occasions in al-Hayat.

But never fear. The buzz from Hersh's pathetic cheerleading squad is that the intrepid journalist's next article will pick up where they left off and attack Mehlis and others whom Syria considers its enemies in Lebanon by virtue of what they do (looking for the perpetrators of the Hariri assassination, in Mehlis's case, or advocating Lebanese sovereignty, in the case of the March 14 coalition). Always ahead of the times that Hersh! He'll be very useful for the regime who will feed him garbage on the tribunal and the investigation, then quote him afterwards as they did with the Fateh al-Islam story.

Hersh's aspiration now, it seems, is to be a willing tool for murderous thugs. Just as long as they hate Bush as much as he does. He has found his comfortable niche.