Across the Bay

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Syrian Gangsters

Just as the Arab League's committee arrived in Lebanon after the government lodged a complaint against Syria's violation of UNSCR 1701 through its continued smuggling of arms and terrorists across the border, the gangster, terrorist regime of Bashar Assad closed a border entry with Lebanon. I'm also told that they will shut down another one tonight.

Assad's internet propaganda outlet, Champress, had called yesterday (in anticipation of this move, of course) for "choking" Lebanon by closing the borders in response to Lebanon's complaint about Syria's smuggling of arms and terrorists across its borders.

In other words, along with using violent terrorism against Lebanon, through bombs, assassinations, and dispatch of terrorist proxies, the murderous Syrian thugs are now applying economic terrorism.

There should be an unequivocal response to the all-out terrorist war being launched by that deranged mobster in Damascus. A clear threat in the only language he understands.

Lebanon should lobby Jordan and Iraq to shut down their borders with Syria so long as Lebanon's passageway to the Arab states is blocked, and should lobby for sanctions against Syria unless it abides by the UN Security Council resolutions demanding it cease its undermining of Lebanon's stability and sovereignty.

Politically, Syria is bankrupt in Lebanon. It possesses only terrorism. These are the last remaining cards in their possession after everything has failed. As the tribunal that will hold this terrorist accountable begins to takes shape (and as the Army, contrary to Syrian calculation, subdues one of its terrorist export), Assad will escalate his terrorism (look next for attacks on UNIFIL, as Assad threatened) in order to solicit an ever-elusive "deal" (one which would allow him to continue with his terrorism unmolested). He will not get that deal.

These are pure, unadulterated terrorists, killers, and gangsters. They should be treated as such.

Addendum: The US-based flack of the Syrian regime always likes to use the phrase: "starve the Syrians into compliance through economic sanctions" when describing US policy towards Syria.

Like most everything this dishonest individual says, this is of course a twisted distortion and a lie.

Furthermore, this same flack had the nerve to say this in the past about Syria:

It has to be remembered also that the Lebanese trade with inland countries has to go though Syria, so Syria stands over Lebanon with a formidable economic hammer. What is more, Syria has the ability to funnel arms to Hezbollah and Palestinian groups as well as radical Sunni groups which allows it to destabilize Lebanon if its interests are ignored. (Emphasis mine, a propos Fateh al-Islam, which now this flack denies Syria is supporting, as per the official line in Damascus.)

As always, this apologist not only acknowledges Syria's terrorism and extortion, but also approves and justifies it, despite its screaming violation of international law. Then, this flack turns around and waxes indignant about actions to punish Syrian terrorism. And now when Lebanon takes action to counter Syrian terrorism and violation of international law, the Syrians resort to more terrorism, the kind approved by said flack in the quote above.

Whenever I quote the apologists, flacks and mouthpieces of the Syrian regime (Landis or Champress, the only difference is one is English the other is in Arabic) I cannot help but recall Michael Young's terrific line: "even the tedious functionaries of despotisms end up sounding like the thugs they represent."

Update: The head of the Lebanese Committee of Industrialists Fadi Abboud addressed the closure of the border crossings. Among the things he said was: "Damages are not confined to Lebanon alone. They touch all trade partners with Lebanon, be it on the side of imports or exports, and first on the list are Jordan and the Gulf Arab states, and the entire Arab world. Everyone should refrain from using this weapon because it's a double-edged sword that could lead the other parties to use the same weapon, meaning closing the borders between Jordan and Syria, etc. This would benefit no one."