Across the Bay

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Schenker: Syria's Export of Terrorism to Lebanon

David Schenker has a new Policy Watch out dealing with Syria's multifront campaign to undermine stability in Lebanon:

[I]t is increasingly clear that Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's pro-Western, anti-Syrian government in Beirut faces yet another challenge to its survival: terrorism, almost certainly sponsored by Damascus.
To help the Lebanese government weather what is sure to be a long war with Syria, Washington should be clear in its uncompromising support for the Hariri tribunal. It should also follow up on UN Security Council Resolution 1701 by pursuing a second resolution to secure Lebanon's border with Syria. In this regard, now that Beirut has overcome the questions of sovereignty associated with the tribunal, it may be time for Lebanon to request, with U.S. support, deployment of UN forces on this border. Indeed, defending Lebanon's stability sooner rather than later is key -- as the past month has shown, as long as the tribunal proceeds, Syria will not be deterred.

The March 14 coalition yesterday called on the Seniora government to request international monitors on the borders with Syria. It's likely the Seniora government will follow up on that.