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Thursday, June 28, 2007

How Bashar Threatened Ban Ki-Moon

Le Monde has published an important article entitled "The Dialog of the Deaf between Bashar al-Assad and Ban Ki-Moon."

The article contains excerpts from the official minutes of the April 24 meeting the UN's secretary general held with Syria's murdering dictator, obtained by Le Monde.

Some of these minutes have been leaked in the Lebanese and pan-Arab press, and they have been highlighted on this blog. I will translate the excerpts from the Le Monde article (you'll also note how much of it is almost verbatim what a certain regime flack has been peddling). It only bolsters everything I've been writing about the lunacy, and uselessness, of "engaging" this murderer.

Furthermore, it very clearly shows (as do the writings of the regime's flacks) that Assad's number one priority and objective is not the Golan. It's the re-domination of Lebanon and the termination of the tribunal. It also sheds light on the recent attacks on UNIFIL and how Assad is responsible for them, as I noted in my last post.

Assad's response was categorical: "In Lebanon, the divisions and sectarianism are deeply anchored since more than three hundred years. Lebanese society is very fragile. It has known its most peaceful period when the Syrian armed forces were there. From 1976 to 2005, Lebanon was stable, while now, great instability reigns there.

This [instability] will worsen if the special tribunal is created. Particularly if it's established under Chapter VII
(AE: compare this statement with the one I quoted in my previous post from the regime's pitbull Wiam Wahhab. It makes a compelling case that Syria is behind the attack on UNIFIL.). This could easily unleash a conflict which would degenerate into civil war and provoke divisions between Sunnis and Shiites from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea. This will have grave consequences which will go beyond Lebanon.

Assad went on to attack the Lebanese government, the March 14 parliamentary majority (which he is killing one by one), when Ban asked him to delineate his borders with Lebanon and establish diplomatic relations with it. He also attacked the US and France calling their role "destructive." His Foreign Minister viciously attacked the US ambassador to Lebanon, asking he leave Lebanon.

Assad then went on to defend Iran's nuclear program and advised Ban Ki-Moon and the West to recognize Iran as a nuclear power. He finally told Ban, in his typically threatening thuggish mafia style: "We are in the eye of the storm. You will need to stay in contact with us." (Especially when we kill your UNIFIL soldiers, that is.)

Engagement, anyone?