Across the Bay

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Sham al-Qaeda

This is so transparent, it's like the Syrian regime is not even trying anymore.

Don't even bother with the religious paraphernalia (as al-Hayat noted). Just go straight to the point in threatening the end of the tourist season, spewing venom against the Patriarch, and a warning for Aoun (who went against Hezbollah on entering the camp and finishing off Fateh Islam), as well as a warning to the Army Commander Michel Suleiman (who in many was is the man in the spotlight, and Syria is monitoring his behavior carefully, and it and Hezbollah are said to be very upset with him for refusing the proposal to head a second government to rival Seniora's and to be established by Syria's puppet Lahoud when his term expires. For more on this see my earlier post.).

You know, when I think of al-Qaeda's global aims, I always think of the above, which only coincidentally happen to be precisely those of the Syrian regime.