Across the Bay

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Assad's War on Lebanon's Economy

Naharnet reports: "A powerful explosion rocked the commercial district of the mountain resort of Aley Wednesday night. LBCI TV station said five people were injured in the blast which also caused extensive damage to homes and shops." (Update: More here.)

So far, the pattern of the explosions has been, Ashrafieh (Christian), Verdun (Sunni Muslim), and now Aleyh (Druze).

All three are favorite destinations for tourists in the Summer tourism season. In fact, I was told that two terrorists were arrested in Mansourieh (Matn region) with a bomb that they presumably were seeking to plant somewhere. My guess that the target was not Mansourieh itself but rather the mountain resort town of Brummana, which is a favorite Summer destination especially for Gulf tourists.

In other words, aside from the sectarian element in the target selection, it seems that the Syrian regime is systematically seeking to destroy Lebanon's economy in its terrorist extortionist bid to scuttle the tribunal by making it seem that its cost will be exorbitant. It has already cost Lebanon its Summer tourism income.

Addendum: More from Mustapha at the Beirut Spring.