Across the Bay

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Dems' Dirty Game in the Middle East

Lee Smith picks up on his post for Across the Bay and the WaPo's editorial, with a critical piece in The Weekly Standard, arguing that the Dems are playing a dirty game in the Middle East.

The Democrats are playing a dirty game in the Middle East, where, just like Arab regimes, they are using proxies to wage war--except their war is against the Bush administration.
It's hardly surprising that the Asad regime is trying to wait out a highly unfriendly White House and see what fate throws them next. But what has the Democrats so excited about a government that is helping to kill U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians, targeting American allies and interests in Israel, the PA, and Jordan, all while trying to reassert its presence in Lebanon?
Is there any real hope of a comprehensive deal with Syria? Of course not. If a stable Iraq and Lebanon were in Damascus's "best interests," then the regime wouldn't have been working so hard to destabilize its two neighbors for the last several years. What control does Asad have over Hamas? None, except that the group's leader, Khaled Meshaal, lives in the Syrian capital. Has the regime's mentality changed since 2000, when Bashar's father Hafez balked at a deal to regain the Golan? No. Quite the contrary, as Asad's obsession with Hezbollah suggests that the ruling Alawi family has become yet more ideological.

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