Across the Bay

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arab Ambassador: Syria Ready to Burn Lebanon

The Ambassador of an "influential" Arab state (read Saudi Arabia or Egypt) is reported to have said, according to Elaph, that he had told Lebanese officials on Monday morning that he expected the explosion in Ashrafieh to be repeated in a Muslim district of Beirut, which is what happened in Verdun hours later.

The Ambassador's reasoning, according to the report, was that Syria does not want the tribunal to be established either by the UNSC or by the Lebanese parliament. As such, the Syrians, according to information the Ambassador is said to have, are ready to explode the situation in Lebanon in order for the international community to feel that Lebanon would be put to the fire because of the tribunal, and as such, the worth of establishing it does not exceed the worth of Lebanon's stability.

The Ambassador reportedly added that he has been following closely Damascus's efforts, in cooperation with its puppet Emile Lahoud and Hezbollah, as well as Aoun, to form a second government that would rival the Seniora government.

The Ambassador added that the first candidate to come to Syria's mind was Salim Hoss, however, according to the Ambassador, the Syrians didn't propose it to Hoss because Hoss's statements had warned against the idea of two governments. Here I should add that perhaps Hoss's recent trip to Syria was basically a summoning by the Syrians to see if he would be willing to do it.

The report goes on to say that the Syrians floated the proposal to Karami (who was the one who hinted that Lahoud would resort to this before leaving office), and supposedly he's "studying" it silently, especially in light of what's going on in his hometown of Tripoli. In other words, I should explain as I have mentioned before, the Syrians' Sunnis are all burned, spent options, and Karami in particular is completely finished. But the Ambassador reportedly said that he might yet agree to being a Trojan horse.

However, the Ambassador added, that there's always the last option of Syrian pitbull Abdel Rahim Mrad. He too, I should add, was tellingly summoned to Damascus the other day, on the same day the clashes started with Fateh Islam.

The fact that the Syrians have to actually resort to Mrad shows just how completely bankrupt they are in Lebanon, politically. This is precisely the reason why they imposed Lahoud back in 2004. They couldn't even find a single "reliable" alternative. They are that weak and incompetent politically. This is the Bashar Assad legacy. In essence, they are now completely dependent on Hezbollah to have any political foothold in Lebanon.

In fact, the Ambassador notes, not even Nabih Berri agrees to the idea of a dual government, and he sees it as a danger that must be avoided at all cost. However, the Ambassador concludes, "Berri is Syria's No. 1 captive in Lebanon."

Of course, the gist of the Ambassador's argument on the explosions and Assad's maniacal drive to destabilize Lebanon is what people like me and Bill Harris have been saying, and this is essentially the argument of the March 14 coalition in Lebanon. And, as I said, it's very transparent and exposed, and the entire world sees it for what it is.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, and indeed, the Syrian officials have not bothered to be subtle about it. Walid al-Moallem's threat was crystal clear, and it was made even more bluntly today by the vicious maniacal hoodlum Farouq al-Sharaa:

"Those responsible for the situation in Lebanon are those who are sabotaging the establishment of a national unity government [AE: one that would give Syria's ally Hezbollah veto power, and thus control over political decision making] and seeking the help of the foreigners."

In other words, Syria's terrorist policy is clear. Lebanon will be terrorized until Syria gets its way, which is: 1- the termination of the tribunal. 2- The toppling of the Seniora government. 3- Controlling political decision making in Lebanon and appointing puppet officials (both President and Prime Minister). 4- Reestablishing Syria as Lebanon's suzerain, with international recognition of that.

The bottom line is this: everyone knows that this is a rabid terrorist campaign by a psychopathic murderous thug in Damascus, who will stop at nothing. The tribunal must be established without delay, and Assad must be made to pay a tangible painful price for his murderous policy. It's as simple as that. "Engagement" (I.e. appeasement) will only be seen by Assad as a sign of surrender and encouragement to commit more terrorism. It's telling that the only time the thuggish Assad Sr. was persuaded to back off his terrorism against one of his neighbors (and Syria is guilty of exporting terrorism to all its neighbors) was when Turkey threatened to invade Syria in 1998.