Across the Bay

Monday, May 21, 2007

And Here It Is

The Syrian regime is not even bothering to be subtle, as it feels the fire at its feet. The Syrian Foreign Minister has come out and basically confirmed my reading yesterday, that Syria is behind the attacks in Lebanon in order to send a message -- specifically to the Russians (whom Hezbollah has also been lobbying for the same purpose) -- to scuttle the formation of the international tribunal under Chapter 7. The message is: if you pass the tribunal, we will burn Lebanon.

Moallem said: "This tribunal is one of the tools of American policy to get not just Syria but the entire region, this is why we said openly that we won't cooperate with such a tribunal." He added: "Will rushing to establish this tribunal, despite the division in Lebanon, really bring security and peace, or will it threaten the security and safety of Lebanon?" (Emphasis mine.)

He also added, precisely like a certain American academic and apologist for these murderous thugs did, "the disagreement on the protocol of the tribunal is in Lebanon because the opposition found that this protocol has articles that would turn the clock back with a vengence to what happened in the Lebanese civil war." (Emphasis mine.)

Now you understand how spot on that LBCI clip that I mentioned really is.

This is open terrorist extortion by a bunch of mobsters, thugs and murderers who actively support all kinds of terrorist groups and have been chronic exporters of instability in the region. This is precisely why the tribunal should and will be established.

Update: More of the same from the Syrian regime's puppy in al-Hayat: Official Syrian sources said, "the rush to pass the protocol of the tribunal ... without waiting for Lebanese consensus will cause internal Lebanese tensions. ... What does Washington want through the imposition of a tribunal when it knows what will happen in Lebanon as a result." (Emphasis mine.)

The report added that Syria's "geniuszzz" ambassador to the UN was busy lobbying the Russian and Chinese delegates against the draft resolution.

This same "geniuszzz" added another gem to the regime's rhetorical hits with the following beauty, explaining why there is currently violence in Lebanon, "Some people are trying to influence the Security Council and to make pressure on the Council so they can go ahead with the adoption of the draft resolution on the tribunal."

It didn't occur to the "geniuszzz" that he undercut the statement of his regime's FM who made essentially the opposite argument! But then again, who could keep up with all these geniuszzzez?

What a bunch of thugs.