Across the Bay

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Freedom, Peace, and the Syrian Way!

Regular and long-time readers would probably know my "love" and "admiration" for Buthaina Shaaban, Syria's "dynamic" minister of expatriate affairs. She, like Imad Mustapha, Faysal Mekdad, and the rest of gang, is just a testament to the beauty and brilliance of functionaries of despotism.

She always has "remarkable" one liners (rivaling Faysal "Gebran Tueni is a dog" Mekdad, and Imad "Brainstorm" Moustapha) and never fails to say something of brilliance. I give you exhibit A:

Syrian cabinet minister Buthayna Sha'ban expressed his [sic] support for the visit and said, 'Syria stands for freedom and for peace, and so does Nancy Pelosi.'

Absolutely genius! It even rivals Jimmy Carter's brainless ramblings (also quoted in there), and that's saying something.

Serves Pelosi right!