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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Cuteness of Walid Moallem

Charlottesville's favorite resident conducted an interview with Syrian FM Walid Moallem.

One part in particular caught my eye, both for its transparency, and for Cobban's nodding in agreement and added emphasis, that shows how these people act as water carriers for dictators and thugs (which is precisely what Hersh's latest piece boils down to) simply because of their hatred of the US and its administration.

Listen to this by Moallem:

We are working closely with the investigation, because reaching the truth on this matter is in our vital interest.

The prospect of having a court to try those named as suspects is a purely Lebanese issue, and it a point of contention among the Lebanese themselves.

The demand of the Lebanese opposition is simple. It wants a larger government there, and to be allotted eleven of the government's 30 members. And the issue of the court would then be on that government's agenda.

The court itself is not an issue for us. The issue for us is to prevent others from using the court issue in a politicized way.

This is so transparent, it's laughable. Of course, being a mere functionary, Moallem is only channeling the position laid out by Bashar Assad himself.

We are asked to believe now that it's not the Syrians who are trying to kill the tribunal, it's, as Assad told the hapless Salim Hoss, the "Lebanese themselves" who are in disagreement about it. It's "purely a Lebanese issue." (Nods of agreement from Cobban!) Please, Moallem, give us another one, that shows how this is a "purely Lebanese issue" that has nothing to do with Syria.

"The demand of the Lebanese opposition is simple. It wants a larger government there, and to be allotted eleven of the government's 30 members. And the issue of the court would then be on that government's agenda."

Did you get that one, folks?! It's very "simple." The opposition (i.e. Hezbollah and Syria's pitbulls) ought to get the blocking veto in government, that allows it to block any decision and/or totally topple the government by resigning.

Furthermore, the tribunal ought to be on the agenda of that government, not on the agenda of Parliament! I.e., the fact that the government has already passed the tribunal, which has been accepted by the UN, and is only waiting ratification in Parliament, ought to be completely scratched, and the tribunal must be once again put on the agenda of the cabinet in which Hezbollah has a blocking veto power, and in which the parliamentary majority would not have the two-thirds majority to pass it by a vote.

So Walid Moallem just repeated the (already well-known) instruction to Assad's agents and allies in Lebanon that the tribunal should be completely killed by Hezbollah in a new cabinet! (Nods of agreement from Cobban!) But hey, Syria has nothing to do with this! (Nods of agreement from Cobban!)

Then the coup de grace, repeating the line set by Assad and articulated earlier by Faysal "Gebran Tueni is a dog" Mekdad: Syria is not concerned with the tribunal! We have nothing to do with it! (Just like Farouq Sharaa said UNR 1559 "doesn't concern Syria," and Walid Moallem said UNR 1680 is "meaningless," etc.)

This time, however, Cobban can't really help herself. So she goes beyond nodding to adding emphasis! She has to stress on behalf of Moallem the nefarious plots against the poor innocent regime. The tribunal is only meant to be used "in a politicized way" against Syria! Of course! Cobban has gleaned the truth from the lips of Walid Moallem, and she highlighted it for you, in case you missed it.

This is beyond credulous; beyond ideological agreement with thugs due to shared hatred of the US. This is being a willful tool for dictators.

Addendum: Moallem's official line is repeated by Sharaa to Le Monde. After a really amusing trashing of Chirac (as "tribal." Look who's talking!) and an even more laughable diagnosis of Syrian-French relations (equal in genius to Sharaa's assessment of UNR 1559. Apparently, he didn't hear Sarkozy's latest statement), Sharaa lays this on us:

Quant au tribunal international sur l'assassinat de Rafic Hariri, "tout ce qui représente un facteur de division au Liban nous trouble", esquive-t-il.

"Nous avons dit que nous coopérerons totalement avec la commission d'enquête internationale des Nations unies. Mais la question du tribunal est hors sujet, parce que l'enquête n'est pas terminée et que les Nations unies ne nous ont pas communiqué le projet de tribunal, ni ne nous ont consultés. Il s'agit d'un sujet purement libanais", ajoute M. Al-Chareh.

He adds an additional point that further explains what Assad and Moallem mean when they say it's a "purely Lebanese" issue. "Anything that's a divisive factor in Lebanon troubles us." Yes, the Syrians are "troubled" by the tribunal because it's a "divisive factor" in Lebanon! Absolutely classic!

And then Sharaa once again uncovers the regime's genius that they are really not concerned by this tribunal of which we speak! The UN hasn't even contacted or consulted Syria about it, therefore, it doesn't exist (just like UNR 1559)! It's "purely Lebanese." It's "hors sujet"!

Who said murderous thugs lack a sense of humor?