Across the Bay

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

News Item du Jour

This is by far the funniest news item of the day, in an otherwise pathetic day in Lebanon:

In Beirut's Mar Elias commercial thoroughfare, hooded supporters of Hizbullah and the Shiite Amal movement also blocked traffic by blazing rubber tires and rocks.

However, some motorists insisted on driving through the blockade. A lady, driving a dark blue Mercedes, was attacked by protestors who tried to smash her vehicle's wind shield.

The apparently determined lady sped-on hitting three of the protestors, who were evacuated later by an Amal ambulance.


I will hopefully soon be providing more commentary on Nasrallah's, and his little useful idiot Aoun's, pathetic thuggish fiasco today (check out Abu Kais and Michael Totten and Rampurple for news updates). Alas, what I wrote in a recent article on Aoun, is predictably playing out:

Now, by agreeing to be the vanguard of a Shiite-led coup attempt against a Sunni prime minister, he has broken an unwritten rule against getting his community involved in a Sunni-Shiite conflict, potentially putting the already polarized Maronite community at risk.
As such, Aoun is but the latest in a line of challengers of Lebanon's unwritten codes. He will fail like all the others; the question is how much damage he causes in the meantime.

Some in Lebanon are fearing the same, given the General's history: "Aoun went to war and destroyed the Christian community. Now he is doing the same."

Update: I think I came across something even funnier than the item above! Today on Future TV, they showed a couple of Sunni ladies from the heavily pro-Hariri (and Sunni) Tariq Jdideh neighborhood in Beirut. One of them addressed Nasrallah directly, making sure to say that she wasn't afraid, and told him that "Olmert is more honorable than you Nasrallah." Another lady ridiculed Nasrallah's new residence -- the underground bunker -- referring to it as a "foxhole" and Nasrallah as "abu jihr" (jihr means foxhole in Arabic), and dared him to come out of it!