Across the Bay

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Syrian Agitprop

The Syrian propagandists are apparently circulating a story that Lebanese PM Seniora had a "secret" meeting with his Israeli counterpart under Saudi and Egyptian auspices.

The Palestinian Ma'an News Agency reported this "story" on Dec 21.

This theme, as well as the bash-Bandar and Saudi Arabia campaign (and the "secret" training of Lebanese Forces fighters in Jordan, etc.), started months ago in Bashar's personal internet propaganda tool (Cham Press) and then in the outlets of Syria's Lebanese tools (in fact, one such story in Cham Press was the work of SSNP pitbull and Syrian tool Khodr Awarkeh. The pro-Syrian SSNP store houses were recently raided and car-bomb material was found. The SSNP are being investigated in the recent assassination of MP Pierre Gemayel.) and is now being propagated in the typical dishonest fashion by the Syrian regime's most crass blogger-propagandist (not much difference between the latter and Cham Press anyway). You'll note the hilarious formulaic propaganda line inserted in there (esp. in the version publicized by the blogger-propagandist). It's so reminiscent of Syrian propaganda: crude, transparent and pathetically hilarious. Just like the people who disseminate it.

I can state as a matter of fact that the Seniora story is absolute rubbish (as if Seniora's every move and call is not monitored by Hezbollah and the Syrians!). All this is part of the Syrian months-long attack against Seniora but also against the Sunni Arab states, and once again merely confirms Assad's strategic choice to be a client of Iran.

Just a reminder to all those geniuses who want to "pry" Assad away from Iran and return his regime to the "Sunni Arab fold" (of which it was never part, whatever that "fold" may have been).