Across the Bay

Friday, November 24, 2006

Talking from Every Side of One's Mouth

To follow up on my earlier post about "experts." This particular one has an atrocious track record of double talk, distortion, and duplicity.

The new propaganda line now is the following:

We saw this summer Israel try to assassinate the leading Shiite leaders and to destroy Hezbollah in order to keep Lebanon firmly in America's orbit and to keep this government, the Siniora government, firmly in power. That failed. Now we see the other side shoving back.

Let's leave aside for a second the implicit acknowledgement that it was indeed Syria that was behind Gemayel's assassination. How, pray tell, does one square that with this earlier propaganda line (emphasis mine):

The US promised Lebanon’s new anti-Syrian democratic coalition that it would be protected and backed by Washington in its struggle with Damascus. This turns out to have been a false promise.
Washington and Israel lost patience with the Lebanese government after little more than a year and chose to punish it for not showing the characteristics of a powerful dictatorship that can destroy opposition groups. Washington has turned against its own democratic experiment. The lesson is that Washington cannot be trusted, is not sincere about democracy, and will not back its Arab allies against Israel.
Hariri was being told by the US not to accept efforts by Egypt and Saudi Arabia to patch up relations between Syria and Lebanon. Hariri was being promised US aid and eventual victory over Hizbullah, if he stood fast in opposing Syria. Now look where he stands. The US has abandoned him for an Israeli solution to its problems.
The Irony is that Syria is not breaking Lebanon. Israel and the US are.

So which one is it? You can't maintain both arguments... unless of course your interest is propaganda, not serious analysis.