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Monday, November 27, 2006

I Told You So!

A few days ago, I made the following prediction:

Some genius in Syria (or one of its Lebanese pitbulls) will soon make a "brilliant" forensic connection, tying the use of silencers in the murder of Gemayel with a "report" that appeared days ago (before the murder) in the pro-Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah paper Al-Akhbar (as well as a spectacularly hilarious "open letter" published in another pro-Syrian rag, Ad-Diyar, one day before the Al-Akhbar report, by sheer coincidence of course), which was all too innocently picked up by the Bashar internet tool Cham Press, which "reported" that the US embassy has smuggled (you guessed it) silencers!

It was rather obvious that this would come true. Sure enough, the biggest "genius" of the Syrian regime, the rabid Bouthaina Shaaban -- a personal favorite -- has not disappointed!

In her column in Asharq al-Awsat today, this troll put her forensic and analytical genius (which is regularly on show, mind you) on full display.

The Syrian regime's Nancy Drew reported her sleuthing prowess, and unveiled (as predicted) an astounding "clue":

When I read that a weapon equipped with silencers was used by the criminals to assassinate Pierre Gemayel, in broad daylight in Beirut ... the term "silencers" caught my attention. I remembered the news which I read about a package seized in Beirut's airport which contained silencers, and which appeared in some Lebanese media and disappeared like a passing summer's cloud without any follow-up, and without a trace. The news appeared once, and the media did not pay it any attention, investigation, or follow-up, despite the danger of such a news story in a country that's being pushed to civil war.

Yes, quite a coincidence. So glad you picked up that obscure, passing cloud, which was only covered in the pro-Syrian rags for several days in a row, on the front pages. I will spare the non-Arabic readers the rest of Bouthi Drew's "brilliant" analysis. Suffice it to say that she basically accuses US, French and Israeli intelligence services of being behind the crime, naturally. The funny thing is that she doesn't even try to deviate from the basic line and connections made in the stories published in the pro-Syrian rags and Cham Press (you kind of realize now where these stories come from). Just read my earlier post and you'll get it.

The Syrians planted a story in their rags in Lebanon to set up the murder. And now, miraculously, it's being picked up by one of regime's most repugnant, rabid functionaries. As I said before, these thugs are not big on subtlety.