Across the Bay

Thursday, October 12, 2006

One More Time

Although I and others have pointed out this fact numerous times, it's always worth repeating: Syria is the "nexus of regional instability" in the Levant. It's inherent to the regime's nature, make-up, and edifice. Its interests and its survival are inextricably tied to the instability of its neighbors. Its so-called "cards" are its policy.

Michael Young says it one more time in his latest op-ed:

Syrian President Hafez Assad allowed Shiite Islamists to kill American soldiers and civilians in Lebanon in the 1980s, but was nonetheless rewarded by Baker and President George H.W. Bush with a blank check for total hegemony over Lebanon in 1990. What Baker can't understand, or won't, is that the Syrian regime survives thanks to the instability of its neighbors. A peaceful Iraq threatens to make Syria, its intelligence services, and the artificial state of insecurity the regime has created to sustain itself, superfluous. Bashar Assad won't feel any compulsion to do the US favors as it prepares to exit from Iraq.

It bears repeating now that the regime flaks are out in full throttle trying to spin this fact and this terror-sponsoring regime into "reasonableness" and "normalcy." So, one more time, Assad's Syria always was and always will be an exporter of instability in the region. It could not be anything else.