Across the Bay

Friday, August 04, 2006

Come Again?!

TNR's Annia Ciezadlo, whose reports last year during the so-called Cedar Revolution were almost invariably horrid (as my regular readers know), has a new piece out (sub. req.). The piece is pretty full of the usual hagiography that you see everywhere these days, but the best part is a quote by the ubiquitous Hezbollah groupie (who will likely, and thankfully, go back to obscurity once this war is over) Amal Saad-Ghorayeb:

But not all Shia are happy. In fact, secular Shia are outraged. Lebanon's Shia merchant class, like all the country's bourgeoisie, has been devastated by the current conflict. And even some of the devout are privately expressing doubts about Nasrallah's promise to rebuild their decimated villages and neighborhoods with the help of a new "friend"--i.e., Iran. "People are sleeping on the ground, and Nasrallah doesn't care," mutters Umm Hussein, a devout Shia woman from Beirut who says she has never criticized the sayyid before. "He said he was going to make Lebanon like it was before. Is he going to bring back the people who died?"

But, in the end, Hezbollah may not care that much about local public opinion. "Of course they're not happy that people are dying," says Saad-Ghorayeb. "But I don't think that public opinion is all that important to them, especially not now."

Wait, wait, wait... I thought Hezbollah's so-called "victory" is precisely because of public opinion?! I thought that was the reason behind that bogus poll conducted by Saad-Ghorayeb herself and taunted everywhere as "proof" that 90% of the Lebanese population supports Hezbollah! Now all of a sudden, when presented with evidence to the contrary, "it's not all that important to them"?!

This is when you know that you're dealing with groupies, cheerleaders, propagandists, call them whatever you like. Those 15 minutes are almost over.