Across the Bay

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ma'moun Homsi Interview

The Syria Monitor has translated and published long excerpts from an interview with dissident former Syrian MP Ma'moun Homsi, which he had given to Middle East Transparent.

Homsi, one of the leading figures of the so-called Damascus Spring, along with the likes of Riad Seif, has left Syria, and for a while was in Jordan before the Syrians "pressured" the Jordanians to ask him to leave, which they did.

Homsi, along with Seif, had long moved from calling for the regime to reform itself, and has since been calling for regime change. In the interview he explains the fallacy of the ridiculous notion that the regime is capable of or willing to reform itself. He also chronicles the regime's tactics in trying to co-opt reformists, or to present them with difficult choices: to be co-opted, thus losing their credibility and becoming mouthpieces for the regime, or to be persecuted. One can see this with so-called or self-proclaimed "outsiders" and "reformers" like Dardari or even someone as marginal as Imad Moustapha, both of whom are totally entrenched now and act as mere parrots of the official line, justifying and whitewashing the crackdown on the domestic opposition figures and even slandering them, and in the case of Moustapha, writing thuggish threats against the Lebanese Prime Minister.

Homsi exposes this charade and states that his priority now is to urge the free world to apply effective and constant pressures on the regime in order to bring about regime change.