Across the Bay

Friday, June 02, 2006

Samir Kassir: One Year Later

On this day last year, the Assad regime and its cronies in Lebanon murdered journalist Samir Kassir. One of the reasons for his murder was perhaps revealed in the regime reaction to the Beirut-Damascus Declaration signatories in Syria. Kassir was the godfather of networking with the Syrian opposition and publishing its writers. Kassir's motto was that Lebanon's freedom and democracy can never be fulfilled as long as the Assad totalitarian thugocracy was in power, and that democracy in Syria was necessary for Lebanon's democracy to properly flourish. Everything since his death has proven him right.

Michael Young reflects on Kassir's one-year memorial in his Daily Star op-ed, and also notes how Kassir "always saw the inability of the Syrian regime to democratize as the major threat to a Lebanese liberal order."

Indeed, looking back at the year since his murder, Kassir would have found plenty evidence for his view "that the Damascus Baathists have no future that transcends repression."