Across the Bay

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yale or Bust!

I see our favorite Professor is in a bit of a crisis again. What now, you ask. Head on over to Solomonia for your answers.

Here's the brief background. Cole wants to go to Yale... badly. He sees it as the crowning achievement of his illustrious career as a scholar blogger.

He wants it so badly, in fact, that he's willing to sue anyone who stands in his way. That means you Michael Oren (see here). You too, Michael Rubin, so help me God! As for Martin Kramer, well, that one goes way back! In fact, if you listen carefully, you can still hear the echo of Don Juan in the hallways of UMich: Voglio vendetta!

Now John Fund of the WSJ has been added to the list. In fact, Juan has posted two nearly identical back to back posts denouncing Fund, and claiming that he never said what was attributed to him, namely that he wrote that Israel was "the most dangerous regime" in the Middle East. He even dared his readers to search his site, assuring them they wouldn't find anything resembling it.

At first I thought, well that's easy! Cole must've pulled one of his Juanderous tricks and deleted or edited the thing. But then again I thought, nah, not after Martin Kramer and I nailed and embarrassed him, repeatedly, when he tried to pull such cheap tricks (and our posts were everywhere on the blogosphere).

Furthermore, someone must've told him that Solomonia did dig up the quote no problem! Yet the Chief Inspector persisted with the challenge. And, for all you who don't know the Chief Inspector, for him "the greater the odds, the greater the challenge." And, as always, he accepts the challenge!

So what's the deal? Why make a stand on this one particular quote? Well, it's elementary, but it's a testament to the Cole M.O. Find an escape hatch through which you could, if you tried hard enough, contort and pretzel-twist yourself out, and tell your Yale committee: you see?!

Here's how I think it'll go down. I'll bet you $20 he'll say that what he did write was "the most dangerous regime to US interests in the ME," and not a general description. And then, if that's not enough, he'll claim that he didn't say "Israel" was the most dangerous regime, but that it was "Ariel Sharon's regime" that was the most dangerous. Ah haaaaa!!!

Of course, we'll leave out the time he accused the American Sephardic Jewish community of being infiltrated by the Mossad for another time, and focus on "Sharon and the Likud" for now. The dual-loyalty of the Jewish community has to wait. He has an appointment waiting at Yale, after all.

He wouldn't be raising the stakes like he's doing now unless he was setting the stage for a reply like that. I'm putting $20 on it. This is Cole after all! This is the perfect quote for him to use. That is why he singled it out, as a red herring, from the entire stock of damning quotes in the Fund piece and elsewhere, and "innocently" ignored all the others.

So what will the Chief Inspector do? How will he get out of it? Stay tuned!