Across the Bay

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Petition for... Himself

I must admit, Cole's twisted tactics are even more twisted than I had first imagined! Actually, not quite.

I speculated that the reason Cole has made such a stink about one particular quote that he singled out from the John Fund piece (and ignored all the other damning ones) was because it was the perfect quote for him to use as a red herring (and to continue to ignore all the other damning ones) to claim that indeed "Likudniks" are trying to smear him for criticizing "the policies of Ariel Sharon," and thus abusing the label of anti-Semitism.

I had also wanted to note that the quote Cole chose to single out had the potential of hooking up with the Walt and Mearsheimer piece in its reference to Israel being "the most dangerous regime to US interests in the Middle East." I decided to leave it out, but I should've known better. I should've known that this man would try to hitch his bandwagon to the Walt and Mearsheimer fiasco, and use it for his own benefit (and get the additional bonus of basking in "realist" glory, by coopting their mantle). This is vintage Cole.

So what does he do? He launches a petition, exclusively for college and university teachers (are you guys at Yale paying attention?), in defense of Walt and Mearsheimer!

This is pure Cole for you. Marvel at the depth of this man's disingenuousness. He's leaching on to the big fish, to launch a petition on behalf of no one else but himself. As I said, Yale or bust. He will do anything to get there.

Cole provided a definition of anti-Semitism (which he implicitly wants us to hold up against the quote he's singling out). OK Juan, but does, e.g., accusing the American Sephardic Jewish community of spying on behalf of the Mossad count!?

Behold the pathetic spectaCole.