Across the Bay

Monday, January 30, 2006

All the Nonsense that's Fit to Print

I spotted this piece of utter nonsense this morning, and I just had to post it. Listen to this. A Syrian official is spreading the news: Damascus is about to... you know it, cut a deal with the US!! Yes, and when it does, it'll be the millionth deal they've cut this year alone! Hilarious!

Now I understand the neurotic Lebanese media going crazy with this kind of useless garbage, but to see an Israeli paper printing it, as an "exclusive," was doubly funny. (The thought that the Syrians are now floating their "offers" through Israeli media is too funny for words!)

I guess it doesn't matter what the US says and does to dispell this rubbish, some "official" in Damascus will still be churning this crap for consumption. Who knows, maybe this "Syrian official" is the one feeding Josh Landis the same stupid nonsense!

The "details" of this supposed "deal" are really precious. I mean if this accurately reflects regime think, at this stage of the game, then I must tip my cap to the brilliance of the Baathist mind (and to Flynt's counsel)! Ahh, Syrian officials!

Enjoy folks, it's better than reading the funnies.